What does an AdventurePlane Membership give me?

An AdventurePlane Membership will provide you with total access to the tool: Playing unlimited games, writing as many adventures as you like, filling your codex up with an abundance of lore, crafting infinite tools for your Virtual Adventures Screen, and much more to come.

What’s included in my 14-day trial?

Our 14-day trial offers you unadulterated access to the AdventurePlane platform. As a GameMaster, we know that the writing and the world-building process can take a long time so we wish to provide you a relatively small window of time to make sure AdventurePlane is a good fit for your process. We found that a small 14-day window is enough time for you to test the tool without wasting too much of your precious writing time.

What Tabletop Roleplaying systems can I run using AdventurePlane?

AdventurePlane is not specific to any Tabletop Roleplaying systems. While Jake, Brandon, and Derek playtest the tool with 5th edition, there is no required system to make the most out of AdventurePlane.

Does everyone at my table have to pay for annual membership to use AdventurePlane?

The beauty of our model is that only one paid account is necessary for any given TableTop group. Your players will not be required to pay for a membership in order to play the games you invite them to. If your players decide to homebrew a world of their own, then they would be required to create an AdventurePlane account.

How is my content protected using AdventurePlane? Is the data secured?

Your content is stored on dedicated servers through our chosen hosting provider. Our hosting provider is constantly implementing security patches to protect your data.

We have security policies that only allow you and only you to access your digital assets.

Do I maintain ownership of my creative work stored within AdventurePlane?

Perhaps one of the best features of AdventurePlane is that we will NEVER claim ownership of the content you create inside or outside of the Platform. Unlike many large-scale TableTop Games, when using our creative software, you will own all the content you create.

How do I stay up to date with new features?

There are many ways to stay up to date with the latest features and updates we provide. Our social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will provide updates frequently. Our marketing team at AdventurePlane.com will also provide you with updates. Lastly, our direct access on Discord and our email list will be able to readily keep you informed as to the newest features and progress being made on AdventurePlane.

If I encounter a bug, how do I report it?

If you find a bug please jump into Discord and report the bug in the `bugs-and-technical-issues` channel.

Who do I contact for customer support and/or customer service?

Contacting support from our team is simple and straightforward. You can email [email protected] or join our Discord and directly request assistance where our dedicated team will help you as soon as we are available.

How many games can I join or create with my membership?

With an AdventurePlane GM account, you can create as many games as you would like, and you can join as many games as you like.

Is there a limit to the number of codex’ I can create? Adventures?

We found that the best way to create a homebrew world is to have more and more lore. With that we are happy to inform you that there is NO LIMIT to the number of Codex’ you create to breathe life into the world you build.

Can I share my content with other users on the platform?

You are welcome to share your creations with any community as you are the sole creator and owner of the content. While AdventurePlane is not responsible for others using the content you share, this can be done by joining our Discord Server and sharing your creations and ideas with our community.

Is AdventurePlane Supported on Mobile Devices or other Web Browsers?

AdventurePlane is currently in its earliest stages of development, while it offers an abundance of resources for GameMasters and Players alike, we currently support and recommend you use Google Chrome. We do not currently support mobile applications or other browsers.

How do I transition my content from another application to AdventurePlane?

Unfortunately, every Game Master does things differently. Many of us organize our homebrew worlds in different ways, making it a tedious and difficult process to adopt and transition to new tools. That being said, the tried and true “copy and paste” method is currently the safest and easiest way to ensure your content transitions to AdventurePlane. Our community is open and helpful on our Discord server, and we would love to help provide feedback as to best practices to transition the worlds you have spent so much time creating into our unique tool.

Is AdventurePlane a Virtual Tabletop Simulator?

While AdventurePlane is an online tool to improve your Tabletop Game experience, it is not a Tabletop Simulator. There are many resources for Virtual TableTops out there, what AdventurePlane provides is a Writing Aid, Virtual Adventurers Screen, Player Access, and Custom Library of Lore to help run and manage your Homebrew campaigns and adventures.

Can I use AdventurePlane if I only play online or in person?

We do not want to restrict our players to play in person or online. The world is becoming more digital by the day, but TableTop games have strong roots in analog gaming. Playing with Miniatures and physical dice is what helped us fall in love with TableTop Roleplaying. The beauty of AdventurePlane is that you can play online or in person.

Is AdventurePlane only useful for Homebrew Campaigns?

While AdventurePlane was designed for users who wish to homebrew their games and campaigns, we do provide resources for players and GMs who simply want to jump in and play using existing modules. Our customizable Virtual Adventures Screen will offer a resource for you as a GM to help your game flow more smoothly without ever having to custom create a world of your own.