Session 18: Wilderness Calls

As the party sets off on the Eastern Road with Yon Vanderwild traveling to the Wilderness to search for a lost item in an ancient ruin deep in the dangerous wilderness surrounding the Nation of Catal the party chit chats with one another, getting to know each other and their temporary companion Yon. As they […]

Session 17: Leaving Boulder Behind

As the Party of T.B.D. stands in the town square watching the headsman axe fall upon the neck of someone who was not in-fact Shade the crowd erupts into chaos. Athoreus Dimary and Nadia Scandali of the Wu-Ton become frustrated as they leave the area as quickly as they could. The crowd begins to push […]

Session 16: A Shady Execution 

The Party awoke inside the dead, Lord Mendas’ castle whey they took the night to rest up before heading out on they rjourney in the unpredictable wilderness to retrieve an arcane artifact for the Wu-Ton-Clan. Yon Vanderwild, came and talked with the group to wake them up and greet them a good morning. He informed […]

Session 15: A Wu-Ton Conspiracy

As the party stands before the slain Flerga and this Tabaxi presumed to be the fabled Nadia, she introduced herself to the group as the “right hand women” to the leader of the Wu-Ton Clan, Athoreus Dimary. During this discussion she said after some persuasion that the Wu-Ton clan were responsible for hiring The Shades […]

Session 14: The Ragged Dogs

As the Party begins to interrogate the Butcher of Haggen Farms they learn about his involvement with the Wu-Ton Clan, aiding the organization in the theft of the farm animals. Raul the Rowdy Dragonborn slamming the butcher around the shed, intimidating him into revealing all he knew. Z the Butcher was supposed to get coin […]

Session 13: Haggen Farms

The Party of TBD was relieved to find Muk in once piece but all agreed they couldn’t stay at Muk’s home with the dangerous being hiding behind the waterfall nearby. They all agreed they should carry out Lord Mendas contract of finding the missing animals of Haggen Farms and ascertain the whereabouts of the missing […]

Session 12: The Assassination of Lord Mendas 

After the offer to assassinate Lord Mendas Muk agreed to the dark deed. Muk said that he would do this to seal his loyalty to the Shades. Shade then gave Muk a single drop of Wyvern Poison to put onto a dagger and use it to kill the high Lord of Boulder. He offered 5 […]

Session 11: A Shady Deal for Muk

As TBD continues to gather supplies for its trek out of town they gather important traveling items such as potions, rations, and adventuring equipment. Additionally Baelon used some of his earnings from the insurance claim to purchase the party a cart and 4 horses fully tacked and ready to travel. As the party saw to […]

Session 10: Fire at Wisehollow Winery

As the party of TBD awakens in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke they quickly come to the realization that the Winery is a blaze. As the party attempts to escape the burning building they begin to realize that they have been barricaded into the building as it was set ablaze […]

Session 9: The Shades

Sitting at the fountain in the center of town, Baelon pulled out a note slipped to him by a familiar goblin, Griggs. The note said to meet him that night. From here the party headed to the Belly Up Inn to relax until the eventing to meet with Griggs and to brainstorm their plan about […]